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Stewardship Planning - 2015

posted 10 Sept 2015, 01:05 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks   [ updated 10 Sept 2015, 01:06 ]
The Stewardship Planning Group is set up to have a Stewardship Campaign this year, 2015. We started up in March this year and have had a meeting every month to discuss where we are going with stewardship.
We will be having Stewardship talks for 3 weeks prior to the actual Rededication Service on the 20th September, this has been set up to try and get people back to church. (Note: we are advised by The Church of Scotland to have Stewardship on our agenda, this was brought up at past General Assembly Meetings).
The aspect of the talks / sermons will be on "Time" a bit like the talks that Scott gave at the evening service. Remember the seconds in a day to use - 86,400 !!
We will also be visiting people in the postal district (anybody outside of Tullibody, Cambus and Glenochil.) There will also be an event in the Church hall on the 20th September 2015, as well, but we are still finalising details. We have also a poster to put up through-out Tullibody and an invitation to the Rededication Service to each member of the congregation as well as putting an article in the September Harvester and in the local newspapers (in the Tullibody Section!)
The group consists of , myself, Janice MacDonald, Donald Buchan, Irene Coulter, Tom Riddock and Robert Torrance. Scott and Bill have been kept in the loop by the minutes from the stewardship planning meetings or/and at the Board and Session meetings.

If you're interested in finding out more about Stewardship? here's a wee link to it

Yours In Christ
Stewardship Convenor