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posted 22 May 2015, 23:10 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks   [ updated 22 May 2015, 23:20 ]

We went to Jerusalem just like He said,
For forty days we wondered what lies ahead,
We sang, we prayed, and recalled each word,
That Jesus told us, and the miracles we've heard.

There was, Peter, John, and Mary Magdalene.
Who told us of many things they had seen,
Jesus told us that in Jerusalem we would receive power,
We waited with patience for His promised hour.

"Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it know fear,
I go to my Father, but you will stay here,
I'll send you a comforter while I am away,
Just go to the Jerusalem and wait for that day.

As we sang and prayed our spirits did soar,
Suddenly the room was filled with a roar,
Great tongues like fire came like the wind,
As fire set on each one, His power came in.

We sprang to our feet and in language unknown,
We gave praise and honour to God on His throne,
Some people thought we had lost our mind,
But they didn't know we had drank His new wine.

As we prophesied in the word long ago,
God was pouring His spirit on people below,
Jesus had redeemed the world Adam lost,
That day in God's word is called Pentecost.

By edward potts