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Bible Focus - Sunday 3rd May 2015

posted 28 Apr 2015, 10:26 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks   [ updated 15 May 2015, 23:46 ]

Warning!!!!!If you can remember the ”three Rs” from school days, you are giving your age away!!!!!!!!

Reading………Riting……… Rithmetic

            This morning we consider “three Rs “ from Nehemiah.

            The man of God has been called to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and the walls of faith of a disconsolate people.

Nehemiah 1 v 3 in K J, says there was only a REMNANT of the faithful left; the city was in RUINS; and God’s people were a REPROACH to their neighbours.

            Our world and dear land seem to be similarly blighted today.

The whole world is falling apart at the seams. News bulletins contain little other than destruction, devastation, and downward spiralling trends.

             As I write thousands are dead in earthquakes in Nepal, thousands more homeless. A morning newspaper headline warns Church of Scotland ministers will likely face prosecution if they refuse to officiate in gay marriage ceremonies.

            Where are all the assurances given a few years ago?????

            In his own situation Nehemiah counts his able bodied men.

“ Lord, there is only a remnant of workers left.”

In his day, Elijah tried the same cop out to avoid serving God.

            God told that prophet that there were 7,000 faithful servants in the surrounding hills.

            God gently reminds Nehemiah who is in charge of the work-force, and who will equip them for any coming task.

Scotland 2015 A nation rapidly becoming morally and spiritually bankrupt…..
A church charged to be the salt of the earth, but staggering from one crises to another. Only a remnant concerned about lost souls

Encouragement to our Nominating Committee and members. We are still dear to His heart. The walls of faith are still being strengthened

(Rev. William Izett)