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Bible Focus - 9th August 2015

posted 16 Aug 2015, 14:00 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks   [ updated 16 Aug 2015, 14:01 ]
In the lingo of “Parliamo Glesca” a description of a negative ending to a game is variously referred to as;-“the ba’s up in the slates”…..” the ba’s burst”, “It’s ma ba’ an am going hame.” 
Whatever… there is a sense of defeat, resignation. There’s no kissing the cup, no ticker tape… no uncorked champagne.
Today in the last of our studies in Nehemiah the title is “on the winning side” .
The rebuilding the walls is completed. Ezra reads the new found scriptures. The people asked for prolonged diets of worship. the choirs sing in glorious harmony “Praise the Lord, the great God“.
On Calvary hill many years later the Saviour of the world gave up His life to cover the sins of a ruined humanity. Sensing His total obedience to the Father’s will, Jesus cried aloud - “It is finished”. Not a cry of despair or defeat, but that the will of God had been accomplished.

A victory poem to encourage you:

We'll Get Through This Lord, our troubles are so great, We don't know what to do; The price for our iniquity Is finally coming due.

The world is crumbling all about; No safe place can be found. Right is wrong, Wrong is right; The change is quite profound.

Lord, we need Your guiding light To lead us out of here; We'll focus on your Word, and prayer, To take away our fear.

Temptations of this dying world We'll rule out and let go; Give our burdens all to you, Shed all worldly woe.

That's how we'll get through this, Lord, Fixed on heaven above, Assured of your protection, help, And everlasting love.

(By Joanna Fuchs)

(Rev Bill Izett)