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Bible Focus - 6th September 2015

posted 8 Sept 2015, 14:50 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks
We are beginning to get to grips with our theme of stewardship of our time. After last week’s study on time to read the Bible, today we consider taking time to “Spread the Word.”

Because of harsh weather the farming programme is totally disrupted. Main harvests are nowhere near reaping. This in turn means a backlog of farm manure waiting to be spread. Farmers talk about “spreading the muck”.

In their language it does actually mean enriching the soil to give better yields later on.

As far as the rest of us go, we must do all we can in human relationships to avoid ”spreading muck”, ruining people’s name, or doing character assassination.
Probably the best way to sum that up is to minimise harmful gossip.

Sadly the words ”spreading disease” are all too common today. We are all aware of the dangers of cross infections in hospital.

Thankfully, Satan, the main protagonist for spreading harm , has been dealt a severe blow by our Lord Jesus and his triumph over evil at Calvary. We are all the beneficiaries of that victory.

Many firms advertise their ware as being able to ”spread, straight from the fridge.”. I interpret that as meaning the product is pliable, usable, ready to be put into service.

We would hope the Master might find us, in His church, to be equally available in his service.

The approaching winter season brings the threat of icy roads and the “spreading of salt” to minimise serious accidents.

In calling His people “the salt of the earth”, Jesus is hoping that our influence on their lives will introduce them to a life of peace and contentment.

Still a very likeable habit is the “throwing confetti over the bride and groom.” Relatives and friends are praying for showers of blessings “ on their friends.

Not only for 5 Sundays in a stewardship theme, but all the time, we at St. Serf’s are praying rich blessings for our community, as the love of Jesus is both spread and accepted.

(Rev W Izett)