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Bible Focus - 6th December 2016

posted 5 Jan 2016, 00:04 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks   [ updated 5 Jan 2016, 00:07 ]

Being cynical (O yes I am!! O no I’m not!! ), with the words of the Perry Como song, ”Catch a falling star” 

I may just get into Panto mode for a spell (oops sorry for very bad seasonal pun !!!)                            

I presume catching a falling star has something to do with lucky charms or “good luck”. 

Suppose for a moment that we could actually catch a star and put it in our pocket, think of the possibilities.  What happens if we pull it out of the pocket with our hankie? Is it lost and trampled in the crowded street.? What happens to it during the ”washing”

Does the star disappear “down the drain”?  And anyway who wants to rely on mere wishful thinking ?  Who in their right mind wants to anchor their faith or trust in ” a falling star”, or a has- been?

In our Advent theme this year, we are considering scriptures that start with the star over Bethlehem, and ultimately lead us to the place where JESUS lay. We start with a phenomenon in the skies and end at the revelation to our hearts, in the fact of a Saviour Jesus Christ. That revelation and truth has no part in a slap-dash pantomime of light hearted entertainment.

This event of the birth of Jesus is the lynch pin to the salvation offered to the human race. 

Although Como’s song says “For love may come an' tap you on the shoulder some starless nights,” and refers to meeting the right girl and “ you wanna hold her”, there are hints there of deep truths. Our Christmas carols do remind us that, Love all lovely, Love Divine, came down at Christmas.

Jesus, that embodiment of love Divine is certainly no ”falling star”, no mere lucky charm, no fading, failing nor passing fad of chance.  Jesus is not “there” simply as a back-up in the pocket for some rainy day”

Paraphrasing what is said in animal welfare circles about a dog;- “Jesus is not just for Christmas”

The humanist, the secularist, the atheist, may beat their theatrical drum and shout as loud as they like,” O yes He is ( only an appendage to “holiday” festivities. )

In turn, we, as Christians reserve our right to say;- “O yes He is;- God’s greatest gift of love given to a lost humanity.

(Rev W Izett)