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Bible Focus - 5th July 2015

posted 11 Jul 2015, 23:54 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks
A professor gave his class an assignment. They were to hand in a five page essay on the theme of “Courage“.

Each student had to describe the best example of courage that he or she had ever witnessed.One student boldly handed in five blank sheets, for which the professor awarded him with an A.

Nehemiah showed great courage and determination to come back to a devastated home-land, and try to rebuild the physical walls of the temple and to rebuild the spiritual faith in his people. Although in exile in a foreign, he did leave a place of relative safety and security and comfort;- after all he was the King’s cup bearer.

Part of the courage stemmed from the fact that he carried letters of authority from King Artaxerxes. These letters guaranteed him safe passage and the right to claim the required provisions for the task.

Sixty two year old Foster Walker accidentally strolled onto the scene of a hold-up in a store in Memphis, Tennessee. The gunman pointed a gun in his face, saying;-“Hand over your money or I’ll shoot.” Allegedly Mr. Walker replied;-“Go right ahead and shoot. I just finishing reading right through my bible, and I enjoyed my prayer time this morning.

The robber just stood and stared at him, speechless, and without shooting Foster turned and walked out of the store unharmed.

This gentleman’s courage was based firmly on a very strong relationship with the Living God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. That morning he had been reading letters, not from King Artexerxes, but from the King of kings, to sustain him on his daily walk. Whatever task we attempt for God’s glory, we do so with the full authority, blessing and encouragement of the King and the Head of the church.

But a slight warning. The professor’s student gained an”A” for his silence. We will not get such a high grading from the Lord if we maintain a silence about the gospel entrusted to us.

(Rev. Bill Izett)