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Bible Focus - 3rd January 2016

posted 5 Jan 2016, 00:25 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks

In the order of service for last of 2015, I paraphrased some thoughts from an excellent booklet by Chris Goan in his “Listing”

            I can’t resist offering more of his thoughts for the start of a New Year. The writer talks of a time to build

            In his mind’s eye he sees some of the glorious structures from the past. Grand churches and places of worship;- Great Gothic architecture;- Hanging Gardens of Babylon;- All of them, their “human creators” wrongly imagined were build on firm foundations, and would presumably last for ever.

Sadly, not so!!!

His prayer, with inherent warning, is that we beware lest we try to show off our greatness and end by building another Tower of Babel.

            By way of comparison, the writer asks us to regularly view the majestic works of the great Creator God

            The request is to humble ourselves, seek true visions of what is important in the sight of God, and find ways to build on that sure foundation

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and other things will be added unto you.

Keep praying, that as we seek to be God’s people, He may soon bless us with a new ministry at St Serf’s

(Rev W Izett)