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Bible Focus - 26th July 2015

posted 30 Jul 2015, 00:04 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks
If someone suggested you were suffering from ‘Gelatophobia’, would you rush for an appointment at the surgery or would you get more consolation from the scriptures?
Gelatophobia is a fear of being ridiculed or laughed at, so a visit to the doctor might result in ‘taking more pills’ or a recommendation to ‘book an appointment with a psychiatrist’.
In today’s message from Nehemiah, the man of God is laughed at to scorn for his attempts to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, and of the nations faith.
Other believers have suffered the same fate.

Job 12 v 4 “My friends laugh at me, for I call on God and expect an answer. I am a just and blameless man, yet they laugh at me”.

A sinful woman transformed to glory by Jesus suffers the same fate when she tells the townsmen that she has met the messiah.
Had the peers of Nicodemus found out he visited Jesus by night he would have got a severe roasting.

An article, written by a Christian, in The Herald of 22nd July, accused the BBC of conducting a witch-hunt against the new Liberal leader, Tim Farron, simply because he is an outspoken and witnessing Christian who admits praying to God for wisdom and guidance.
The writer of the article feels Britain is fast becoming “intolerant, authoritarian and anti-Christian”.  He suggests that BBC interviewers are less critical of atheist politicians.

In my opening remarks I suggested ‘surgery or Scriptures’. When the apostle Paul was subject to much ridicule for his presentations of the gospel of Jesus Christ, he actually thanked God for any form of persecution that identified him more closely with the suffering of Jesus.

Let us be careful that we do not ‘laugh at others’, but when they so suffer, that we are prayerful for them.

Gelatophobia: surgery or SCRIPTURES.

(Rev. Bill Izett)