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Bible Focus - 26th April 2015

posted 24 Apr 2015, 12:16 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks   [ updated 15 May 2015, 23:45 ]
Tom and Jim were at a Summer Mission. The event for the day was a ”text and object”. 

Tom produced a matchbox with a dead bee in it, claiming to the leader that it represented an Old Testament prophet
“Na ( e ) Hum” . Not to be outdone Jim produced the same article, claiming it to be “ Nae.. hum… iah ( Nehemiah ) Pretty grim!!!!!!
Anyway, our next series of sermons will be based on the book of Nehemiah.

We will be calling the series “Rebuilding spiritual walls..
Depending on how we look at it, it is either pessimism or optimism.

God’s people are in exile. The temple in Jerusalem is in ruins.
For many, they have lost faith, lost their religious identity, lost all hope.

We will ponder their fears, doubts, their apathy, their disappointments, their grief. ( that’s the pessimistic view )
But thank God, we will also hear the words of resounding reassurance, hope, encouragement, and challenge, from God.

We will join them in their victory songs, we will fly our banners high; we will glorify God for His steadfast love. ( that’s the optimistic side of the story )

Though we are still in “vacancy mode “, over the piece, this will be a message of positivity, and firm conviction that God has many good things yet in store for us.

(Rev. William Izett)