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Bible Focus - 20th September 2015

posted 1 Oct 2015, 12:53 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks

Over the last four weeks we have seriously looked at our Stewardship of time

            Beginning in Genesis we sought guidance on how God used time in the first creation. Then taking time to read, and listen to the scriptures. Next we wrestled with how to make time to spread the Good News in our community. This was followed by making time to really listen to others. Today;- time to be obedient to God.

            I've called our meditation today;-“Did you hear what happened to grand-dad?

            We will hear of some of the events in the lives of Bible characters and in the life of someone who might well live next door to us or sit in the pew beside us.

            How did they use God-given time?

How do we use the time allotted to us, to the glory of God?

Time is one of our most precious resources, yet how much of it is simply squandered.

There are many demands on that time, some worthy, some less worthy or profitable for the soul.

Time for work, play or sleep, relaxation. Time for family, friends,

Time when our own health takes a beating and faith is severely tested. Times when we have to be the agent of healing and comfort to other bruised souls in the family of God and beyond.

            Time to be obedient to God.

Time for personal prayer, listening to the quiet whisper of God’s love. Time  for corporate prayer in church with fellow Christians asking what is the Father’s will for us here in Tullibody, and thereafter an obedience to try to out-work that will, to the best

of our ability

(Rev W Izett)