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Bible Focus - 19th July 2015

posted 19 Jul 2015, 15:37 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks
How often does an irate mother bark at the untidy teenager to tidy up the room?
Perhaps not as often as the minister’s wife asks him to tidy the study!!!!
The story of Nehemiah is moving on rapidly now. There has been a prolonged time of prayer. The King of Persia has given letters of authority and safe passage. The funding is in place.
Nehemiah reaches Jerusalem and organises a site visit.
He assesses the extent of the damage. His starting point sums up the situation;-“ THE RUBBISH GATE
All the rubble must be removed before he can begin reconstruction.
We are very familiar with this on T.V. viewing after a major disaster, storm damage, or images from war zones. Rubble has to be cleared before positive construction begins. In our church circles, in the life of every Christian, at Kirk session, Presbytery and General Assembly, we must keep asking serious questions about our agenda, and our purpose for existing.

What is the task of the Christian Church?
What have we to be, and do, as his Body?
What are the important issues?

Briefly, we are to be witnesses to our Lord Jesus, and try to gain new disciples.
The task is not primarily to get ”new members” or to get people attending on a Sunday, for the sake of numbers on a roll;-
though obviously we do want them to come, to hear, to respond, to grow in faith.
It is said that some courts of the church will spend hours debating the colour of new curtains for a hall, while passing on the nod exciting possibilities for mission.
Although Jesus never actually uses the word ”rubbish” in conversation with the Pharisees, he does ask them to consider what things are cluttering their lives and preventing them from hearing the truth about spiritual growth.
It’s a bit late in the year for spring- cleaning, but there is plenty in the gardens to tidy up so that we see the beauty.
Turf out anything that is a hindrance to our witness, our service, our loyalty to Jesus.

(Rev. Bill Izett)