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Bible Focus - 17th January 2016

posted 13 Jan 2016, 09:11 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks
Many members at St Serf’s are interested in, and support the work of the Gideons, a Christian organisation promoting scriptures, ( the word of God ) and sharing how, through them, lives have been transformed by “the WORD made flesh” ( JESUS ) 
Today we start a new theme…” In the name of Jesus”, considering some of the biblical names for the Lord, the Word, being the first of them.
The latest Gideon news is to hand.What thrilling testimonies to both scriptures in the hand, and Jesus in the heart.!!!!
Last year in the Forth Valley, and Stirling area, 1,100 New Testaments and Psalms have been distributed to schools, colleges and prison.
An exciting story from Guam tells of a man, once an extremely vile person, whose life was utterly transformed by reading such material, and eventually yielding his life to Jesus.
. The exciting lesson, from the Gideons, for all churches and believers, is that we are not merely challenging people to read the Word of God, but that in introducing them to the WORD made FLESH, lives are truly transformed.
A wayward young man ran away from home and was not heard of for years. Later on hearing of his father’s death he did return home. 
At the reading of the will, all were surprised to hear the lawyer relate in detail, of the wayward career of the runaway son. The boy, in anger arose, stamped out of the room, left the house, and was not heard from for three years. When eventually he was found he was informed that the will, after telling of his waywardness, had gone on to bequeath to him $15,000 
How much sorrow he would have been saved if he had only heard the reading through! Many people only half-read the Bible and turn from it dissatisfied. The word says: "The wages of sin is death," but JESUS, The WORD says, by trusting Him,  " the gift of God is eternal life" (Rom. 6:23).
When we hear of sincere conversions through the warm witness to Jesus, by the Gideons, and balance that by drastically falling rolls in the Church of Scotland, we need to humbly confess our failures and our shame to speak gently and graciously about the Lord who saved us.

(Rev W Izett)