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Bible Focus - 16th August 2015

posted 16 Aug 2015, 14:29 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks   [ updated 16 Aug 2015, 14:31 ]
Today , linked to John 5, the healing at the pool, we consider the positive attitudes to life of a 92 year old blind lady. Another story of grit and determination.!!!

In March this year, Charles Eugster, a retired dentist who has been nicknamed 'the world's fittest OAP', set a new age-group record when he ran 200 metres indoors in a time of 55.48 seconds. Recently he improved his personal best, and also a set a British record for over 95 year olds.

He now plans to take on the world's elite elderly runners at the World Masters Athletics Championships. Being blessed with exceptional health and stamina, he says;- “Old age is something to look forward to - it can the most enjoyable, wondrous, stupendous, exciting period of life, so it’s important to stay active.”

Sadly pain and suffering does take it’s toll in many lives. Every step is pain wracked and difficult. The mind has forgotten when was the day of peacefulness. It is relatively easy for a philosopher, healthy in body and mind to make profound statements about rules for living. I am humbled to see so many with acute bodily suffering, making a determined attempt to share with us at worship. Our prayer is that, like the man by the Pool of Bethesda, we might all be richly blessed and encouraged as the Lord touches us all in the place of worship.

I refuse to be discouraged, To be sad, or to cry; I refuse to be downhearted,
and here's the reason why...

I have a God who's mighty, Who's sovereign and supreme; I have a God who loves me, and I am on His team.

He is all wise and powerful, Jesus is His name; Though everything is changeable,
My God remains the same.

My God knows all that's happening; Beginning to the end, His presence is my comfort, He is my dearest friend.

When sickness comes to weaken me, To bring my head down low,I call upon my mighty God; Into His arms I go.

When circumstances threaten to rob me from my peace; He draws me close unto His breast, Where all my strivings cease.

And when my heart melts within me, and weakness takes control;
He gathers me into His arms, He soothes my heart and soul.

The great "I AM" is with me, My life is in His hand,
The "Son of the Lord" is my hope, It's in His strength I stand.

I refuse to be defeated, My eyes are on my God; He has promised to be with me,
as through this life I trod.

I'm looking past all my circumstances, To Heaven's throne above;
My prayers have reached the heart of God,

I'm resting in His love. 

Lita Kurtzer

(Rev Bill Izett)