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Bible Focus - 13th December 2015

posted 5 Jan 2016, 00:09 by St.Serfs Tullibody-Clacks   [ updated 5 Jan 2016, 00:11 ]

Put peace into each other’s hands

and like a treasure hold it,

protect it like a candle-flame,

with tenderness enfold it.


Put peace into each other’s hands

with loving expectation;

be gentle in your words and ways,

in touch with God’s creation.


Put peace into each other’s hands

like bread we break for sharing;

look people warmly in the eye:

our life is meant for caring.


As at communion, shape your hands

into a waiting cradle;

the gift of Christ receive, revere,

united round the table.


Put Christ into each other’s hands,

he is love’s deepest measure;

in love make peace, give peace a chance

and share it like a treasure.

(The One Loaf)